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In case of these conditions, the lifting belt should be stopped.

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 Maintenance of hydraulic wire rope crimping machine

  Safety is the most concerned problem in the process of using hoisting belt. In addition to the technical level of operators, the damage of hoisting belt itself will threaten the safety of hoisting operation. Xiaobian reminds you that the naked eye to observe the hoisting belt when the following situation, should stop the use of hoisting belt.
  First, the lifting belt is cut, severely bruised, loose and partially ruptured, and should be stopped.
  Secondly, when the surface of hoisting belt is severely worn, abnormal deformation and hairing, and the wear reaches 1/10 of the original hoisting bandwidth, the hoisting belt should be stopped.
  Thirdly, synthetic fibers should be stopped when they soften or age, their surface is rough, their elasticity is reduced and their strength is weakened.
  Fourth, the lifting belt mildewed, acid and alkali burns, heat melting or burning, surface loosening, corrosion, should stop using;
  Fifthly, the lifting belt is seriously damaged, causing deformation and affecting the use of serious rust impact strength, these two cases should also be stopped using.
  Once the above situation occurs, please be sure to replace the new hoisting belt to continue operation, which is not only to ensure the quality of hoisting operation, but also to be responsible for your own safety. It is suggested that you choose high quality hoisting belt products as far as possible, which will certainly prolong the service life of hoisting belt, but also to better achieve the goal of hoisting safe operation.

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