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Proper temperature can make the hydraulic oil of the wire rope press machine play an effective role.

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 Maintenance of hydraulic wire rope crimping machine

  The working temperature of the hydraulic system of the wire rope sleeve press should be maintained appropriately. Generally speaking, the temperature of the hydraulic oil in the hydraulic cylinder can be effectively maintained by controlling the temperature between 30 and 80 degrees centigrade. The high or low temperature of the hydraulic oil in the wire rope press will affect the operation of the wire rope press.
  Excessive oil temperature in the hydraulic system of wire rope jacket press will lead to the decrease of viscosity of hydraulic oil, easy to cause leakage and decrease of efficiency; the decrease of lubricating oil film strength, accelerating mechanical wear; the formation of carbide and sludge; accelerated oxidation of oil, deterioration of oil quality; premature aging of oil seal and high-pressure hose, etc.
  In order to avoid excessive temperature, do not long-term overload; pay attention to radiators, radiator fins do not be oil pollution, in order to prevent dust adhesion affect the heat dissipation effect; maintain sufficient oil to facilitate the circulation of hydraulic oil heat dissipation; hot summer do not work all day, to avoid high temperature at noon time.
  Hydraulic oil has high viscosity, poor fluidity, high resistance and low working efficiency when its temperature is too low. When the oil temperature is below 20, it is easy to damage hydraulic motors, valves, pipes and so on. At this point, the warmer needs to be operated, after starting the engine, idle running for 3-5 minutes, and then to increase the engine speed with medium-speed throttle, control the handle so that any action of the working device (such as excavator bucket) to the limit position, keep 3-5 minutes to make hydraulic oil through the overflow heating. If the oil temperature is lower, it is necessary to increase the operating time of the heater properly, and the specific operation depends on the operation experience and actual situation.

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